The Halon Recycling Corporation (HRC) is a voluntary, non-profit trade association formed by concerned halon users and the fire protection industry to support the goals of the environmental community and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its function is to assist users of halon fire fighting chemicals to redeploy the existing bank of halons from applications where alternatives are feasible to those unique situations that still require halons. HRC can assist you in selling your halons, or help you to find halons to keep your critical systems functional. HRC will also keep you informed about changes in international and domestic regulations that can impact continued halon use.

HRC Missions

Facilitate Halon Recycling - HRC acts as a facilitating organization for the recycling of Halon 1211 and 1301 by providing information services to match companies that have excess halons with those companies that need the fire fighting agents for critical uses.

Determine Critical Use - HRC provides guidelines and procedures for a self determination of critical halon use. HRC also provides an independent review and critical use certification if requested.

Information Clearinghouse - HRC acts as an information clearinghouse by providing accurate, up-to-date information on all issues related to halon recycling.

Recycling "Umbrella" Organization - HRC serves as the umbrella organization for halon recycling in the United States. HRC acts as the contact point both nationally and internationally for U.S. halon recycling and banking, and also serves as the focal point for industry/government interaction on halon recycling issues.

Recycling Advocacy Organization - HRC represents the interests of halon reclaimers and critical users of recycled halon, including the preparation of comments on proposed recycling and import regulations and support for market-based approaches to controlling emissions.